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Class Schedule
The Yoga Lily offers a full class schedule, including morning and evening yoga classes, Prenatal Yoga, Yin Yoga, Chair Yoga, Gentle and Moderate Yoga in Clifton Park. Check out our yoga class schedule.

If you don't see what you are looking for, please give us a call! We'd love to talk about the endless possibilities!
A yoga studio that will be with you through all you life's turning points. From prenatal to the sunset of your life. Classes morning, noon & night.
January 2nd-February 28th

You can make up classes anytime, space permitting.

8 Weeks
9:15am Interme
diate Yoga* Pam Medina 
10:45am Moderate/ Beginner’s Pam Medina *1 Mat Space remain for NON Teacher Training Weekends-Please call for details!
5:30pm Hooping Mayleen NEW

4:45pm Gentle Yoga & Meditation Pam (1hr) NEW 
6:00pm Yin Yang Yoga Pam Medina

10:00am Mixed Level Pam Medina 
11:30am Chair Yoga (45 min) Pam Medina 
6:00pm Gentle/Beginner’s Jessica W.
7:30pm Moderate/Beginner’s Jessica W.

4:30pm Moderate/Beginner’s Pam Medina 
Note Time Change
6:00pm Intermediate Yoga* Pam Medina Note Time Change
7:30pm 40 Day Inner rEvolution 6wks Medina  Time Change

10:00am Moderate/Beginner’s Pam Medina
6:00pm Moderate/Beginner’s Pam Medina

7 Weeks
10:00am Gentle/Beginner’s Rebecca Varno

(Begins January 12th)